We're Happy With Our Mule
We found the Mule model we wanted at Shawnee Motorsports. It was WAY overpriced with the dealer upgrades they had installed but we were able to get a fair price and worked a deal to buy it. The buying experience was pleasant and our salesman was polite, friendly, professional and helpful. He let us test drive any unit we wanted to without hesitation. One thing that bothers me... The Mule had upgraded tires/wheels that we really didn't want. It's a little irritating that the customer is charged for the original tires/wheels that come on the unit but then is charged again for the upgraded tires/wheels. We were also told the Mule would have a full tank of fuel but it didn't...it was on 1/2 tank when we took delivery. We've had the Mule for about a month now. One thing that's apparent is this Mule wasn't prepped properly by the service department. There are screws missing from the dealer-installed roof so the roof rattles against the roll bar where it's loose. The brakes (including the parking brake) are very weak and need adjusting. Fairly minor issues but for a machine in this price range attention to detail is important and those things shouldn't be overlooked. Overall we're happy with our experience and we were treated quite well by everyone at Shawnee Motorsports. (Employee: Reagan Beaver )
Carl Sharp
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